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Volunteer Opportunities

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

Volunteer opportunities currently exist in a variety of capacities, with the potential for expansion in the future with increased services and programs. These opportunities function to bridge the gap between those involved in the criminal justice system, including their families, and the community, as well as giving citizens an opportunity to share in the responsibility of crime prevention and awareness.

Our volunteer opportunities provide educational and rewarding experiences for volunteers and the community, and are a great way to gain practical experience in this line of work. Roles may include: administrative support with programming, recruiting community partners, participation on organizing committee for public events, research support, aftercare and support services, community referrals, and other opportunities as they arise. Volunteers are also strongly encouraged to become a member of The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia.

Qualifications / Requirements

Application & Screening Process

Consider Becoming a Member

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia's governance and oversight is provided by a volunteer Board of community leaders as trustees on behalf of our Society's members. At each Annual General Meeting, the membership of the Society nominate and elect those people who they want as their representatives to serve on the Board of Directors.

As a member, you are in fact one of the owners of The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia, a role which we see as critical in terms of being representative of the community in which the Society carries out its mission, vision and core values. As a volunteer, we encourage your participation in the democratic oversight of the Society.

A basic membership costs $20.. A basic membership ensures that you have a stakeholder position in the direction of the organization. It also allows you to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting, receive a copy of the Annual General Report, receive a copy of the Audited Financial Statement, and elect the individuals that you want as your trustees to the Board of Directors.

Become a Member Now!

Print and fill out the online Membership Form and mail it to:

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia
Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
541 Sackville Dr, Suite #1
Lr Sackville, NS
B4C 2S1

Or fax the Form to: 902-406-7619

Or download the online form and when done email it to us at

Online Membership Form