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Central Region

Restorative Justice 2008 Review - Abridged Summary

Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program

Correctional Services Canada's Restorative Justice Approach

Youth Court Liason Worker (YCLW) Pilot Project
(October 2008 - June 2010)

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia through it's Central Regional Office carried out a pilot project with Crime Prevention funding provided through the Nova Scotia Department of Justice with project parameters of;

  1. The Youth Court Liaison Worker will act as a facilitator to assist in addressing the barriers experienced by individual youth interfacing with the Youth Court system, which contribute to longer periods of time than necessary in case processing.
  2. The Youth Court Liaison Worker will act as a neutral, “friend of the Youth Court”, providing information and navigation services to all youth with matters before the Courts. The YCLW will attend Youth Court on a regular basis and ensure that youth and/or parents present have access to these services. They will be available to answer questions, and encourage full engagement with the justice system.
  3. The Youth Court Liaison Worker will not use an interventionist model. Where it is determined that a youth is in need of additional services they will be referred to an appropriate community agency. Some examples of these agencies are Addiction Services, the Cobequid Parent and Youth Resource Center, Legal Aid, Bridges Program for Domestic Violence, etc. Partnerships will be renewed and/or strengthened with local community agencies for the purpose of client referral.
  4. The Youth Court Liaison Worker will be responsible for delivery of the service in two Justice Centers, one of which will be the Truro Justice Center. We will be consulting further with the Department of Justice to determine the second site based upon Youth Court Docket data, where the volume of youth matters supports the YCLW mandate. It is anticipated, however, that this second site will be contained within an appropriate distance from the John Howard Restorative Justice site in Truro, Colchester County from which the YCLW will be based.

Dr. Don Clairmont, Director of the Atlantic Institute of Criminology, conducted an independent evaluation of the YCLW pilot project and his final report is provided here.

YCLW Final Evaluation Report