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Programs & Services

Halifax Region

Community Workplace Program (CWP)

The Society supervises and overseas the Community Service Order and Fine Options Programs in the Halifax Region for adult offenders on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice - Corrections Division.

Community Service Orders
As a sentencing option available to the Courts, an offender, as a condition of a probation order may be required to provide a specified number of hours of unpaid community service work within a given time frame.

Fine Options Program
As an alternative means to paying a fine, the program allows an individual to satisfy a fine by performing volunteer work for non-profit community organizations.

Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence Program

This program addresses anger management, stress management, and enhancement of communication and emotional intelligence. Anger is positioned as a normal and natural emotion. Sessions focus on learning to understand one's emotions, particularly anger, while improving communication and stress management skills that will help participants recognize anger provoking triggers and express such emotions in a productive manner.

This program is a six (6) week program which consists of an intake meeting, four weekly sessions (each two hours in length), and a final one on one meeting. Currently the program is only offered for adults (18 years of age or older), however, exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

Healthy Relations Program

The Healthy Relations Program is for those who are interested in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships in their lives. This program looks at the people we have relationships with, such as friends, family, significant others and/or coworkers and bosses, what constitutes a healthy relationship, as well as some effective strategies for ensuring the relationships in your life are healthy ones.

This program addresses issues of:

This program is offered as a half a day program for men and women aged 18 years and up.

For more information please refer to our brochure or contact The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia

Aftercare Services

Offering information and referral support to individuals who have been in conflict with the law. The service provides offenders with information on community resources and assists them in connecting with these resources to assist in addressing their immediate needs.

Community Assessments

In order to assist offenders to reintegrate into the community as law-abiding citizens, Correctional Service Canada (CSC) requires community assessment reports for Federal and Provincial incarcerated inmates to ensure that programs, plans and supervision are in place in institutions and the community to assist in an offender's reintegration.

This involves gathering information about an offender and preparing a post-sentence community assessment report, a community strategy report, or a community assessment report. There is also provision for tandem supervision of .5 days per month to accompany a CSC Program Officer, Psychologist, Contract Parole Officers, or Police Officers on a home visitation.

Community Maintenance Program (CMP)

This Program is designed as a follow up for all Correctional Service of Canada's core national institutional programs. With a relapse prevention component, this program addresses criminogenic risk factors and all types of offending (general violence, substance abuse, crime for gain and family violence), excluding those from Sex Offender Programs.

The Program includes 12 weekly sessions that provide the opportunity for participants to reinforce, rehearse and review skills that are taught in the core institutional programs. Program treatment targets pertain to the areas of problem solving, high risk thinking, self management skills, goal setting, healthy relationships, and emotions management.

The CMP applies learned skills to problems, high-risk situations and challenges in the community that can lead to re-offending. The number of sessions a participant is required to attend is individually determined by the level of risk and success, measured by treatment gains.

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)

The John Howard Society partners with Employment Nova Scotia (when funding is available), to offer an Employment Readiness Program (ERP). The program is designed for men (age 19 and over) with a criminal record in becoming 'employable'.

By providing a combination of life/work skills training, job search techniques, networking strategies, workplace certifications and potential job experience placements, ERP will work with clients to move them towards employability, wherein the barriers that have prevented the participant from engaging with the work force will be identified and addressed, leading to a greater level of self-understanding and self-sufficiency.

We encourage any community agency (Community Services, Corrections, housing support, etc.) working with unemployed/underemployed males 19+ with a criminal record to refer clients to the program. We also accept self-referrals from individuals who feel they themselves may benefit from the program. We hope to work closely with any referring organization to ensure that the clients' needs are met and that they are given the chance to maximize this opportunity.

The program accepts up to 15 participants for each program session and a waiting list is maintained for future sessions, as available.

Record Suspension Application Service

In collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services (DCS), The John Howard Society offers a service to support DCS clients interested in applying for a record suspension (formerly known as a “pardon”).

This confidential service includes:

Please Note:

For those who are not DCS clients: on a case by case basis we may be able to offer guidance through the record suspension application process. This support is separate from our collaboration with DCS. To assess your own eligibility for a record suspension, review this form:

Record Suspension Eligibility Assessment

For further information on our Record Suspension Application Service please refer to our brochure.

Record Suspension Application Service Brochure

United States Waiver Application Service

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia is able to assist individuals with the preparation/process of obtaing a U.S. Waiver. A U.S. Waiver is required for anyone who is seen as inadmissable to the United States due to a criminal conviction. Your criminal record may exclude you from entry into the United States.

This service is open to those who are currently trying to travel to the United States, but require a U.S. Waiver in advance of any travel plans. The waiver can be valid from 6 months to five years depending on the nature of your criminal record.

Please NOTE:

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia is unable to provide financial support with this application process.

Our Services include:

We strongly encourage you to check the United States Embassy website for eligibility,

For further information on our U.S. Waiver Application Service please refer to our brochure.

United States Waiver Application Service Brochure

Freeing the Human Spirit

Freeing the Human Spirit [FTHS] is a yoga and meditation program designed for people who are currently incarcerated. FTHS promotes physical, mental, and spiritual development through the practice of meditation and yoga. The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia is currently working to introduce the program into institutions across the province. FTHS is volunteer driven, relying on trained volunteer facilitators from various Nova Scotia communities.

The program began with Sister Elaine MacInnes, Freeing the Human Spirits founder. She spent 32 years in Asia learning yoga and meditation, then later went on to teach prisoners her practice. She saw vast improvements among the people she had taught. Elaine saw them change from an angry, intense and lethargic group to a relaxed, sociable and energized group. FTHS is now affiliated with The John Howard Society of Canada. In Nova Scotia the program is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice – Corrections and with the assistance of Halifax Yoga.

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia would particularly like to thank the volunteer yoga instructors and the help of Halifax Yoga in making this initiative a reality.

The institutions/facilities that are currently participating in the program are:

Information Sheet for the "Freeing the Human Spirit" Program

FTHS Volunteer Application Form

Other information on the programs and services of the Halifax Regional Office may be found in our brochure:

The John Howard Society in the Halifax Region (Brochure – September 2017)