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Programs & Services

Central Region

Central Region's Newsletters

Restorative Justice Program

This program is for young offenders aged 12-17 and for adults 18 and older. It is focused on holding the offender accountable in a more meaningful way, repairing the harm done by the offence, reintegrating the offender into the community, and achieving a sense of healing for both the victim and the community.

Community Workplace Program

The Society supervises and overseas the Community Work Program (CWP) and Fine Options Program (FOP) in the Central Region for youth and adult offenders on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice - Corrections Division.

Community Service Orders
As a sentencing option available to the Courts, a youth or adult offender may be required to provide a specified number of hours of unpaid community service work within a given time frame. In the case of those who have it as a condition of their Probation Order these hours must be completed within the time frame that the Court has directed.

Fine Options Program
As an alternative means to paying a fine, the program allows adultsl to satisfy a fine by performing volunteer wok for non-profit or community organizations.

Educational Workshops

When requested or sufficient need is identified, a series of workshops are conducted on topics such as;

Justice Awareness, Shoplifting Awareness, Victim Empathy, Anger Management, and a Life Skills Information Series that would include decision making, self esteem, healthy relationships, communications, substance abuse, tolerance, and gender issues.

The target audience for all of these workshops is adolescent youth.

Record Suspension Application Process

On a case by case basis we may be able to offer guidance through the record suspension application process. To assess your own eligibility for a record suspension, review this form:

Record Suspension Eligibility Assessment